Academic Benchmarks

The Patriot Online Academy is committed to high academic standards and will require seat time waiver learners to validate their learning by the following assessments as required in the Michigan Department of Education Pupil Accounting Manual (5-O-B: Seat Time Waiver):

  1. Grade Appropriate Assessment - Pupils enrolling in a district seat time waiver program must take the grade appropriate state assessment exam.
  2. Michigan Merit Examination (MME) - Pupils enrolled in a district seat time waiver program, who have earned 12 or more credits toward the high school diploma, must take the MME as scheduled by the Department of Education’s Office of Assessment and Accountability. Pupils may only enroll in the district’s seat time waiver program and claim more than 16 credits if the district arranges for the pupil to take the MME within the first year of enrollment.

NICE Community Schools will provide a learner with the testing materials at a location and time TBA. Patriot Online Academy learners and parents/guardians will be notified of the dates and locations of the appropriate testing. Learners and parents/guardians will be responsible to be in attendance for the appropriate exams.

State assessments are required for:

  • Grades 6-7-8 reading (2 days)
  • Grade 7 writing (2 days)
  • Grades 6-7-8 math
  • Grade 6 social studies
  • Grade 8 science
  • Grade 9 social studies
  • Grade 11 Michigan Merit Exam (3 days)