Middle School


The Patriot Online Academy utilizes Edgenuity for its online students in grades 6-12. Edgenuity is student-paced, mastery-based, teacher-interactive online program. Students work at their own pace when using Edgenuity with the expectation that they make adequate weekly progress as defined by NICE Community Schools. The system generates assignment due dates, but students can work ahead as they are ready to do so. If they need more time for an activity, they can take the time they need. Due dates are guidelines to ensure timely completion and do not hinder student pace.

“Mastery-based” means the student must show they understand one concept before moving to the next. This approach prevents learning gaps and ensures thorough learning. In practical terms, a student has to achieve a 70% on one task before they can move on to the next.

Edgenuity provides many opportunities for teachers to see student work. There are teacher-graded questions in every lesson. Also, if a student needs help or has a question, they can message the teacher from the page on which they are working. When the teacher receives the message, they can see exactly on what the student is working and where they are struggling or need help. This efficient process keeps the student moving forward and keeps learning authentic.